18 June, 2021

Tamil Nadu Police: Masters At Smothering Voices, Dissent

The recent arrest of journalist V. Anbazhagan, who compiled a book on the AIADMK government's list of corruption, is a glaring example of how the TN cops work

Tamil Nadu Police: Masters At Smothering Voices, Dissent

The police in Tamil Nadu have been systematically used to intimidate critics of the government and protestors wanting to make a point. Any form of open dissent is suppressed with the assistance of the police if the state government, especially its ministers, are targeted. The latest example is the early morning arrest of Chennai-based journalist V. Anbazhagan (in picture) on January 12 after he had displayed a book on the government’s alleged corrupt activities at a book fair. In his book, Anbazhagan had compiled RTI replies he had received to highlight alleged misappropriation of funds by members of the ruling AIADMK government.

According to a statement by the Chennai Press Club secretary, Anbazhagan was arrested after he left the venue as the fair organisers informed him that he could not continue his display bec­ause his publication was against the government. But the organisers later filed a police complaint against Anbazhagan, alleging that he attacked them when asked to leave. The police moved in swiftly, arrested him, took him to the magistrate’s...

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