07 May, 2021

Swimming With Tuna

The Press got carried away by the fabricators of the spy case related to ISRO in 1994 in the beginning and later made a course correction.

Swimming With Tuna

Way back in 1994, when the ISRO case started, it was a free for all as far as the vernacular press goes. They were imagining the wildest things possible and writing the story as if it were fiction, feeding eager readers. Most would wait for the next day’s edition as if it was a TV serial. It was written, for example, that drawings of rocket secrets were inserted into tuna fish and smuggled through fish baskets. They also described the two ladies allegedly involved in the case in the most vulgar manner. These journalists did not cross-check what was fed to them, however bizarre. While the vernacular press had a free day, no mainstream newspaper followed the news, except The Indian Express. However, it should be understood that it is not the press alone that was playing havoc. If you read the news of that time in all the papers, you will find that every report is the same, indicating that the source is common. Presumably, the source happened to be the creators of this fabricated case. None of the reports ever carried any name of the source.

There were not many...

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