02 August, 2021

Startup Army Is Airborne

A range of solutions to beat toxic air, innovated by new Indian companies

Startup Army Is Airborne

Delhi-based fitness freak Archit Kashyap is ­inseparable from Prkruti Lite. At first sight, you would assume it’s an external drive attached to his phone. It is, in fact, the world’s smallest personal air-quality tracker, weighing just 25 grams. Operated with the Prkruti Lite mobile app, the device monitors the level of pollutants in the surrounding air. Kashyap also has a Shellios Clean Air Helmet. It costs Rs 4,500 and uses an air-purifier system attached at the rear, which also has a micro USB charging port. It pulls air through a filter and circulates it in front of the face. A chin curtain stops ingression of polluted air.

“I use my gadgets to monitor the air around me and then decide what to do. I try to adjust my exercise timings accordingly,” says Kashyap. Many like him have been looking for personalised solutions to cope with air pollution. And many of these solutions are coming from over 100 Indian startups in the pollution-reduction segment that have come up in the past five years. Prkruti Lite, for example, was developed by Jal...

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