21 June, 2021

Smother The Third wave

To prevent a future crisis, we need accurate data, speedy action and a new healthcare system

Smother The Third wave

We have lost too many lives, and we should not wait for action as more deaths keep piling. First, by avoiding a blame game, we should fix accountability so that necessary changes are incorporated in the efficient management of the pandemic situation. All over the world, second waves were happening while India was going through the low transmission season. As in war, the best time to defeat the enemy is when it is weak. Squandering this opportunity, the country did not plan to prevent and mitigate the serious consequences of a second wave. Even in states where technical experts advised an imminent second wave, nothing changed much due to other competing priorities. We need to finalise a plan for the long haul of managing multiple waves, including an action plan for enhancing vaccination coverage through strong microplanning, intensive mobilisation and effective communication strategies.

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