25 February, 2021

Editor's Take | Journalism Wins If Journalists Are Held To Account

This issue of Outlook on the Indian media is testament to our objectivity. Subjecting ourselves to the same scrut­iny is only fair, since we constantly scrutinise everyone else, from politicians to police, writes Ruben Banerjee.

Editor's Take | Journalism Wins If Journalists Are Held To Account

I wish I could take the plea of ‘aap chronology samjhiye’ (please understand the chronology) to explain away a grave oversight that crept into our issue dated February 17, 2020. The issue was devoted to Indian Muslims and an independent columnist was commissioned to write on icons from the community. Such columns are all about the columnists’ opinions—even if they are at variance with Outlook’s own—and the writer sent his piece on WhatsApp to an editor, who inexplicably forgot about it till the cover story package was to go to print. By the time he remembered and passed on the piece to the editorial desk, the deadline was close, and our gate-keeping mechanisms failed. Despite noticing that the piece made a totally unn­ecessary and disparaging remark against our former President, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the desk let it pass, presuming the editors had cleared it.


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