14 June, 2021

Positive Result, Negative Time

How does the Outlook cover get decided? Through tough debate, deeply felt opinions, a sense of the public mood. The dilemma this time: should we foreground election results, amidst a pandemic? Here's why I voted yes.

Positive Result, Negative Time

The quest for a compelling cover very much defines my existence as Outlook’s editor. To make a choice week after week is not easy, but it is a challenge that neither my editorial team nor I crib about. Decided collectively with me as the final arbiter, the selection of our cover stories is invariably the result of long conversations and a reflection of our own convictions. If we prefer one story over the other, it means we must be collectively concerned about the subject as much as we are about its capacity to touch a chord, ens­uring the magazine’s marketability.

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This week’s choice of featuring results of the recent, hard-fought assembly elections in four states and a Union territory on the cover posed a moral dilemma, though. Under normal circumstances, elections and their attendant drama and possible ramifications qualify to be a riveting cover. But these are abnormal times. A killer pandemic is on the prowl...

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