17 May, 2021



Democracy Is A Nicotine Patch

Elections can be stressful. But if you feel like puffing away at the poll booth to calm yourself, desist! After ­Delhi, Bihar has declared all its 72,273 booths as no-­tobacco zones. A ‘Tobacco-Free Polling Booth’ sign will ­remind the electorate about the health hazards of the drug, claim poll personnel. In 2014, Bihar banned ­cigarettes and beedis to make election booths smoke-free. But now, nicotine addicts looking for a quick fix before they cast their ballot cannot even chew tobacco. We are hoping the EC’s efforts don't go up in smoke.

Starstruck Guwahati...

She was crowd-puller on screen. Off screen too, she continues to charm people. Angoorlata Deka, a first-time MLA of Assam, spiced up the BJP’s campaigning...

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