14 June, 2021

Outlook's Choice As Issue Of The Year: Faith—Or Its Absence

Faith—or its absence—has truly been one recurrent theme running through most of the major news headlines of the year.

Outlook's Choice As Issue Of The Year: Faith—Or Its Absence

The first time I came face to face with faith in humanity was on a railway platform well past midnight and with little money in my pocket. It was some three decades ago, and I had just reached Hyderabad for my first job with nowhere to go for the night. A middle-aged couple with whom I had casually conversed during the train journey asked me what my plans were. Mortified to learn that I had no place to go, they took me to their home and provided me shelter. The trust they reposed on a stranger strengthened over time and they became family. We rem­ained in touch until the lady died three years ago.

Firmly taught the virtues of trust so early in life, I have come to believe that faith—not just of the religious kind—plays a huge part in shaping our lives. It also inf­luences in great measure the events that unfold regularly around us. The year 2019 particularly has been a proof of that.

After all, it has been our trust in others or the system that has repeatedly been tested in the course of the year, from Narendra Modi’s stunning victory for a...

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