27 July, 2021

Our Wronged Rights

Shaheen Bagh, the inhumanity of migrants trudging home, activists being jailed. The significance of human rights has perhaps never been more pronounced.

Our Wronged Rights

For a year that has been unbelievably disastrous, blighted by untold difficulties, the annual ritual of choosing the Issue of the Year that, according to Outlook’s wisdom, would impact us in the future as much as it did over the past 12 months has been remarkably easy. Unlike in earlier years when our editors intensely debated and vigorously differed for days over what the single-most issue had been, there was instant agreement this time. Int­erned indoors for much of the year, everyone grieved the loss of freedoms and acutely felt the importance of rights. I readily acquiesced with good reason.

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Whatever the reasons—divine or manmade—there is little doubt we find ourselves hostage to a dire situation. While a minuscule virus confined us to our homes—curtailing even simple pleasures such as taking a leisurely walk—we are hemmed in an environment that is inc­reasingly turning...

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