11 May, 2021

Our Big-Little Kitchen Garden

Urban dwellers are discovering their green thumb, making new friends and eating fresh, organic greens from community farming

Our Big-Little Kitchen Garden

Think of it this way: With just some pots, mulch and plants you can knock together a kitchen garden on your balcony or rooftop—ideal for anyone who wants some household greenery in a world created out of bricks and mortar, but lacks a green thumb. Not quite exciting or striking, but still a garden that produces a tomato or two, eggplants and chilies maybe, a sprig of mint or a clump of chives. But when a group of neighbours, colleagues or friends shares a common grain for gardening, the experience flowers into a trend sweeping cities the world over: a delightful community garden. Not a new trend, though. Even the most cram-full Chinese city blocks have shared gardens in sidewalk nooks that allow residents to grow bok choy and other greens. A “grow your food” counterculture has been around in Western cities. The green cult is bouncing back strongly now, keeping with the locavores and those ploughing the depths to keep off industrial farm produce laced with pesticides and grown from genetically modified seeds. Many in Indian cities are caught up in the whirl...

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