01 August, 2021

This Is Not Cricket... No One, However High And Mighty, Is Above The Law

Do not abuse the trust or faith of any sizeable section of citizens, even BR Ambedkar had warned the rulers, reminds senior journalist Harish Khare

This Is Not Cricket... No One, However High And Mighty, Is Above The Law

Two decades ago, the nation was thorou­ghly outraged when we learnt of a betting scandal in Indian cricket. Bookies were suborning the ­professional integrity of cricketers to make them ­underperform. Recriminations, allegations and inquiries followed, and a few cricketers like Mohammed Azharuddin, Ajay Jadeja and Manoj Prabhakar got a black name. No one except the betters has any reason to complain—after all, oblivious to all the off-field underhandedness, fans enjoyed the game in its fullness—yet there was outrage when rumours surfaced of the bookies’ role. Why? The fans felt their faith stood violated. This faith is that what we see in the cricket arena is an honest clash of skill, temperament, training and stamina between two sets of 11 young men. Call it belief, confidence or trust, faith in the integrity of the ‘game’ is vital to any collective endeavour. It is a basic condition of human civilisation to seek fairness in all our personal and social dealings.

When the cricket betting scandal surfaced, the matter ended up,...

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