19 September, 2020

Of Grief And Joy, Love And Loss: How We Are Dealing With Life And Death In Time Of Corona

The pain of failing to bury the dead or perform the last rites and the blossoming of new life in times of gloom and doom have left mankind in unusual state of predicament

Of Grief And Joy, Love And Loss: How We Are Dealing With Life And Death In Time Of Corona

The  most striking depiction of death that I ever read was in one of the Harry Potter books. It was the death of Sirius Black, a godparent to orphan Harry. While fighting in a fierce wizardly battle beside him, Sirius is hit by a powerful spell. Curving into a ‘graceful arc’, his body levitates and sails through the ragged veil of a mysterious archway, disappearing behind it. Screaming Sirius’s name, Harry dashes to pull him out of the doorway, but is grabbed by his well-meaning teacher, “There’s nothing you can do, Harry... nothing... he’s gone.”

Author J.K. Rowling doesn’t exactly say that Sirius dies. But he’s gone. Harry struggles with all his might to get out of the grip, to try and save Sirius, the closest to family he had, but in vain.

Except for the very physical passage of bodies that leave us, that is approximately how we feel and perceive people exiting our world. They disappear behind a veil, to the other side, of which we have not the faintest clue, and from where there can be no retrieval....



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