28 July, 2021

No More Business As Usual In New India

The single most important factor of BJP’s stunning victory is the projection of a national vision, a shared dream of proud, assertive India, writes Purushottam Agrawal.

No More Business As Usual In New India

Pragya Thakur, the victorious BJP nominee from Bhopal, was greeted with jubilant cries of ‘long live Godse’ when she visited the centre at the fag end of counting. Her endorsement of Godse as a “patriot forever” had apparently upset PM Modi so much that he is not going to ever forgive her in his heart. The right noises and right actions were there from top to bottom; and then there were these full-throated endorsement of the man hanged for killing Gandhi.

This is chemistry of coded communication which works so effectively within the Sangh Parivar due to a shared vision. Modi and Shah have brought the new-age corporate efficiency and aggressiveness to the available Sangh Parivar mindset and machinery. It is not for nothing that Modi had begun his first term with grateful ackn­owledgement of “five generations’s sacrifice”. This was a fitting tribute to the RSS’s (established 1925) contribution to mandate 2104; this has been renewed even more emphatically inspite of indifferent performance.

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