03 August, 2021

Message From Dr Harsh Vardhan

The Outlook campaign focusing on health, particularly that of women and children, will go a long way in building our community capacity in the fight against malnutrition, says Union minister Dr Harsh Vardhan

Message From Dr Harsh Vardhan

I am pleased to learn that Outlook, one of India’s leading magazines, has launched an awareness campaign focusing on health—particularly that of women and children. The health of women and children is at the heart of policies and programmes in India. Women comprise about 48 per cent of India’s population, nearly half of us. And children are our future.  Needless to say, it is the well-being of women and children that finally determines the health of our nation.

India achieved the MDG Goal for reduction of maternal mortality and given the trend of decline in the past few years, we will achieve SDG goal of MMR (70) by 2025. The pace of decline in “under-five mortality rate”, will also enable us to achieve the SDG goal of U5MR (≤25).  These will be ahead of the timeframe of 2030 set for SDGs.

These declines resulted from systematic implementation of evidence-based interventions through robust health systems, aimed at universal coverage, ensuring equity and quality.

I would like to highlight two of these: the...

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