16 January, 2021

Kaun Banaega Sarkar? In Absence Of Majority, How Regional Leaders Will Play Kingmaker

With neither BJP-led NDA nor the Congress-led UPA sure of forming the government, a fractured verdict on May 23 will bring regional parties into focus. The possibilities are manifold with every party expected to extract their pound of flesh

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Kaun Banaega Sarkar? In Absence Of Majority, How Regional Leaders Will Play Kingmaker

Predicting election results is a perilous job at the best of times. To try and forecast how the sum total of an infinite mass of micro-factors will turn out, in a strident and polarised but very-many-sided election such as the present one is nothing less than foolhardiness. Yet a lot of political pundits are willing to stick their necks out to insist it will be a hung Parliament. Not just that no single party will get a majority on its own, also that no pre-poll formation—neither the BJP-led NDA nor the Congress-led UPA—is likely to be anywhere near a reasonable stab at government formation by itself.

To be sure, it’s only one in a triad of broad possibilities, with many potential variations within the three. But it is certainly one that needs to be accounted for seriously—the idea that strong non-NDA, non-UPA segments, not many of whom have a stable dialogue or terms of engagement with each other, may be holding the key to India’s next government. For, the allusion is not to a 2004 scenario when a confident BJP, riding high on India Shining,...



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