13 June, 2021

Karti And Friends

The Congress in Tamil Nadu looks to benefit from a solid alliance, just like it did before in past polls

Vote Catch
Karti Chidambaram campaigns in Sivaganga
Photograph by G.C. Shekhar
Karti And Friends

Karti Chidambaram jumps out of the SUV and walks towards the campaign jeep fitted with a hi-tech audio system. The spring in his steps can’t be missed as he climbs into the thick of his campaign speech without any trappings. “This election is for the Lok Sabha to elect a government in Delhi. And you remember what the Congress government under Manmohan Singh did for the poor and farmers. We introduced the 100-day employment scheme (MNREGA). But now you neither get jobs nor money under that scheme. Now we will extend this scheme to 150 days. We gave education loans, but no bank is ready now to give those loans. Similarly, your self-help groups do not get small loans as in the past. If you want all these to resume, you must vote the hand symbol,” Karti reels off breathlessly at Idaikattur village, Sivaganga parliamentary constituency.

There is marked difference between the Karti 2014 and Karti 2019—the man waging his own battle five years ago, bravely defending his father’s territory. This time he is in better company in the form of half-a-dozen...

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