02 March, 2021

JP Nadda's Tenure as BJP Party President Could Be One Of Stabilisation

New BJP president JP Nadda has a tough legacy to preserve. He may bring some softness to BJP's aggression

Passing The Baton
Amit Shah (right) greets his successor J.P. Nadda
Tribhuvan Tiwari
JP Nadda's Tenure as BJP Party President Could Be One Of Stabilisation

On January 20, when an unassuming Jagat Prakash Nadda took over as BJP president, he inherited shoes far too big, left by a man who expanded the party’s footprints across India. Nadda’s predecessor Amit Shah transformed the predominantly cow-belt party into a pan-India force—from ruling seven states in 2014, when Shah took over as the party chief, the BJP went up to 21 states in 2018, before the number came down to 17. Its membership stands at 18 crore, making it the world’s largest political entity.

Many within the party, and also outside, credit BJP’s growth to Shah and his single-minded obsession on winning polls. Even his critics—and he has many—grudgingly concede that Shah has changed the way elections are fought in the country. “It is no more about empty promises made casually. It is not about a constituency or an ass­embly seat. It is about booth-level management. It is about understanding the voters and their psychology. It is about unabashedly appealing to their baser instincts. It is about being...

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