06 August, 2021

Is Socialism The Vaccine?

Not specifically…political ideologies take the backseat in global pandemics, but leadership counts

Is Socialism The Vaccine?

The world, irrespective of the political ideologies of its constituent ruling dispensations, has been brought to its knees by COVID-19. But the fight against this common enemy has shown that efficient administrations—and not political principles—have had an edge. On the shortlist

of countries that have experienced remarkable success are Vietnam, Cuba, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. The first two are Communist-ruled, the rest are not. In each, however, it’s efficiency at the top that has been vital. A culture of according primacy to healthcare matters everywhere—a key factor in this fight is the robustness of public healthcare systems. Even in China, the chief strategy was early detection, followed by free treatment and care to anyone with an infection. Indeed, it tested ten million Wuhan residents at the height of the pandemic there and put the city under total lockdown. Result: Wuhan is now infection free. Private healthcare systems have been found wanting, especially in India, and have not been at the forefront in the fight against the...

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