02 December, 2020

Innocent Or Framed? Who’s The Real Rhea Chakraborty, After All?

The former live-in companion of Sushant Singh Rajput has been called all kinds of names during the ongoing media trial, being singled out as the mastermind of sorts for the actor’s demise under mysterious circumstances in Mumbai on June 14.

Innocent Or Framed? Who’s The Real Rhea Chakraborty, After All?

Even as the CBI, ED and the NCB carry out investigations into the suicide-or-murder theories in the high-profile case, here is how the 28-year-old actress is being portrayed on prime-time television even before the legal trial gets underway.


On television, she has been likened among other things to a vishkanya, the mythical snake woman, who entices men and hisses them to their doom with venomous tricks.

Plain Jane

Rhea Chakraborty claims that she is a simple middle-class girl, who is now paying the price for just loving a boy named Sushant Singh Rajput.

Murderer in disguise

Sushant’s father K.K. Singh alleges that she is a hatyarin (murderer) who poisoned his son to death in cahoots with her accomplices over a period of time. Many TV channels seem to agree.

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Social Climber

After two flop movies, Mere Dad ki Maruti (2013) and Jalebi (2018), she has been accused of having entered into a relationship with a successful star to further her career.

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Black magician

She has also been accused of being a practitioner of black magic and other occult practices to keep Sushant under her influence.

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Drug peddler

She is also suspected to be a conduit of a drug cartel, who operated smoothly from Sushant’s house to carry out her illegal business through Mumbai’s elite circuit.

Voodoo doll

Rhea has also been called a woman possessed, somebody who keeps a spirit on her to get her evil missions accomplished.


She has been labelled as a free-loader, who along with her family members lived off the wealth of her live-in companion to lead a cushy life.

Scheming Swindler

She allegedly swindled her boyfriend’s money to the tune of Rs 15 crore to spend lavishly on her needs, from buying flats to launching new companies.

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Sultry seductress

She is accused of being a seductress working as part of a honey trap gang to prey on the rich and the famous.

Lady Machiavelli

Once she entered into Sushant’s life, she allegedly removed all his loyalists, from cook to PA, and planted her own staff to take full control of his life.

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Manipulating ‘bahu’

A live-in companion of Sushant in his lifetime, she has been painted as a stereotypical bahu (daughter-in-law) of Hindi cinema, who created a rift between her partner and his family.

The hypnotist

She is considered quite adept at the art of hypnotism, who cast a spell on the unsuspecting actor to keep all his activities, including financial, under her control.

Caring companion

A compassionate companion, who took care of her ailing boyfriend, took him to psychiatrists and spiritual healers to get him treated for his alleged depression.

Innocent victim

She is merely a convenient scapegoat in the high-profile case, with television channels calling her all kinds of names just to boost their TRPs.

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