29 July, 2021

Imagining The Post-Pandemic Campus

Do we merely restore the old? Or do we use the present disruptive phase creatively, to re-examine the fundamentals? India’s top educators weigh in on the key issues.

Imagining The Post-Pandemic Campus

When students return to schools and colleges after the Covid-induced break from the ‘normal’ structures and ­routines of teaching-learning, would they be encountering merely what they used to know earlier? Or would the new means popularised during the pandemic find ways to blend into the older, time-tested ways of our educational institutions, opening up possibilities of overcoming asp­ects of the traditional system that were detrimental to the best interests of learners? How will social inequities reinforced during the pandemic through inequality in digital access affect the nature of challenges various sections of students face when they return to schools and colleges? How will we bridge the gaps, while ensuring that the crisis brought by Covid is turned into an opportunity for bringing in the changes that our education system has long needed? Four experts from the field discuss the problems and prospects of education in the post-pandemic scenario.

Will Indian education ever recover from the blow the ­pandemic has...

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