27 February, 2021

‘I Won’t Let Migrant Workers Lose Trust In Humanity’

‘I Won’t Let Migrant Workers Lose Trust In Humanity’

As visuals of migrants walking on highways streamed in, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood began organising transport for them. He talks to Lachmi Deb Roy about how he helped 12,000 people reach home and is making arrangements for another 45,000. Excerpts:

How did this initiative come about?

I saw the visuals of millions of migrants walking down highways with their families… the elderly could hardly walk, some of them were carried on shoulders. The images haunted me. The moment I closed my eyes, I could see just them. How can we be so ungrateful to the people who build our homes, our roads…in fact, they run the country, they are its heartbeat. How can we ignore this crisis thinking that if it’s not affecting us, why should we bother? So, I spoke to a few migrant labourers and told them to give me one or two days to get permissions. I assured them that I would make their journey home as comfortable as possible.


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