25 October, 2020

How To Stay Sane During The Pandemic

COVID-19: Losing your sanity in the lockdown? Here's how to stay sane during the coronavirus pandemic and cope with the lockdown blues

How To Stay Sane During The Pandemic

Practice Mindfulness

Bring all your attention to the “now” and “present”. Be aware of each passing thought without feeling or judgement. Evidence shows that practising mindfulness can significantly increase our capacity to cope with traumatic events, improve control over our emotional states and reduce anxiety and stress-related symptoms.

Learn Breathing Exercises

Whenever under stress, take a long and deep breath. An important pathway for mindful breathing is “decentering”—realising where we learn to view negative thoughts in our mind without judging, thus delinking the self from depressive emotions.

Try Meditation

Meditation is simple, free and only takes a few minutes. It can promote relaxation, decrease negative emotions, build skills to manage stress and increase tolerance.

Limit News Consumption to Trusted Sources

It is important to obtain accurate and timely public health information from trusted sources such as the CDC, WHO and health ministry. Balance the time spent on news with other activities such as reading, listening to music, talking etc.

Mindful Use of Social Media

Think twice before posting or sharing on social media. Ask yourself if the content is truthful, helpful, inspiring necessary or kind.

Be Generous and Kind to Others

While it is important to stock up on food and other essentials, please think of others who may need these items too. Generosity can help us develop a sense of community and ensure that everyone has equal access to resources.

Practise Empathy and Don’t Sigmatise

Viruses don’t discriminate and neither should we. Stigma can have negative consequences for the mental health of affected individuals and also discourage them from reporting or testing for the disease.

Source: Harvard School of Public Health-India Research Center and Viswanath Lab


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