21 June, 2021

Horror Of Horrors! How Women Are Being Denied Right To Safe Abortion

An archaic law that doesn't understand modern relationship, lack of awareness and non-availability of medical abortion pills are leading to high rate of mortality

Even today, abortion is not a right given to women unquestioningly, but a conditional one determined by the law and the service provider or doctor
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Horror Of Horrors! How Women Are Being Denied Right To Safe Abortion
  • 48% Out of 48.1 million annual pregnancies, around 48 per cent are unintended and 33 per cent end in abortion
  • 26.3% Only 26.3% of all retail chemists in 20 cities spread across Bihar, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh stock medical abortion (MA) drugs, revealed a study conducted by Pratigya Campaign

  • 52%  abortions are performed in private sector and 20 percent in the public health sector and over 26% of the abortions performed by the woman herself at home; almost 20 per cent end in complication due to unsafe abortions—National Family Health Survey (2015-16)


Kavitha, 32, who has a clinically depressed mother to look after, did not want to have a second child and for weeks sought medical termination of her pregnancy. She knew about the MA (medical abortion) pill, having used it when she conceived within a year of having her first child. As she had her husband’s support then, doctors heeded her request, but...

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