28 November, 2020

From Phantom Ringing Syndrome To Facebook Depression -- 11 Internet Killers

New disorders bring new expressions in their wake

Illustration by Saji C.S.
From Phantom Ringing Syndrome To Facebook Depression -- 11 Internet Killers

FoMO OR Fear of Missing Out The relentless fear that something’s happening and you’re missing out. A major research by Oxford University documents how FoMO is linked to general discontent, social anxiety and stress.

Phantom Ringing Syndrome Your brain makes you think that your phone is ringing even when it is not.

Nomophobia Or ‘no-mobile phobia’ It’s the anxiety that arises from not having access to one’s mobile device, and ranges from an uncomfortable feeling to full-blown anxiety due to tech deprivation.

Cybersickness People feel disoriented and nauseous from a virtual environment. It happens when our brains get tricked into motion sickness, when we are not actually moving.

Facebook Depression It’s caused by social interaction, or its lack, especially among young people that is directly linked to the amount of time they spend on Facebook. It happens when other people post only good news about themselves—vacations,...



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