29 July, 2021

‘Freedom From Diabetes’ Has Weaned 10k Diabetics From Insulin, Medications

Freedom From Diabetes has weaned almost 10k diabetics from insulin and medications

‘Freedom From Diabetes’ Has Weaned 10k Diabetics From Insulin, Medications

In eight years since its inception in 2013 (till July 14, 2021), Freedom From Diabetes has been successful in getting 9,917 diabetics either free of insulin or medication (or both).   

How did we achieve this? What are the principles we follow? Here is an inside story for the benefit of many.

The key lies in understanding, connecting and driving behavioural change in individuals and families. There are many drivers that make this happen. Some are as follows:

Treat an integrated entity in an integrated manner. We are made up of a physical body, containing a fluid-energy system, with fluctuating stress levels, short- and long- term mental patterns, a deeper self that many call a soul etc. Diabetes or any other disorder resides within this integrated entity, through a clear cause-and-effect mechanism. Medications are profoundly useful, but are not the only treatment this entity needs. Hence, from very early on, a lot of time and expertise was invested in developing an integrated protocol around diet, exercise, stress release,...

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