28 July, 2021

Faith Of Any Kind Cannot Function Without 'Suspension Of Disbelief'

A rational idea of spirituality can heal the split personality syndrome afflicting humanity. Reason is a country India has always belonged to.

Faith Of Any Kind Cannot Function Without 'Suspension Of Disbelief'

In July 2019, a ‘spiritual’ guru made the outlandish claim of having ordered the “sun to rise 40 minutes late” so he could do his flag-hoisting before sunrise. Of course, according to him, the sun followed the command obediently. Earlier, in another video uploaded in 2016, he can be seen in conversation with a US businessman, a self-appointed guardian-angel of Sanatan Dharma. Both the worthies are discussing a proposal of assuring (of course, for a hefty fee) ­billionaires like Bill Gates a rebirth with similar fortune rather than as a pauper in Africa. They propose to use the ‘jeevatama GPS’ for this purpose. ­Instructively enough, in both the videos, the discussion is neither sarcastic nor metaphorical, but as plainly matter of fact as it can be. The enthusiastically clapping admirers and followers of these worthies are not “uneducated” folk, but English-speaking ­professionals trained in skills like management and technology. They must have learnt in their schooldays that sunrise and sunset are caused by earth’s...

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