13 June, 2021

Dalit Time

Despite caste society’s attempts to wrench Dalits away from living the Dalit life, they have outshined the crowd wherever they found a foot to stand

Dalit Time

To fully appreciate the genius of the Dalit community, one needs to delve deeper into the dalitality of their complete experiences. These experiences are not rooted in the ­mono-version recorded narratives of non-Dalits. Dalits are a historical community—colourful and distinguished. To foreground the true nature of their existence, we need to theoretically examine how they came to be the most feared group in the world’s most ­prosperous region—South Asia circa 1000 BCE. Dalits have memories, passed down ­generations, about the richness of their traditions and their materiality that was prophesied into social conduct contingent upon compassion, Dalit love, Dalit art and Dalit humour. These are extended ideals of forgiveness, of livability: co-partnership was a module of shared life they inhered. Relations premised on temporal and immediate love were taught to be appreciated. There was no quid pro quo sought for in a relationship beyond corporeality. The Dalit extension of their self happened, foremost, by acknowledging the other and creating an...

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