22 June, 2021

COVIDED! Why Rajinikanth's Political Relevance Suddenly Stands Diminished

Due to the lockdown forced by the coronavirus pandemic, Rajinikanth's foot-soldiers were left out of action as survival became a priority

Lone Star
Rajinikanth’s political relevance suddenly stands diminished.
COVIDED! Why Rajinikanth's Political Relevance Suddenly Stands Diminished

As an actor and public figure, Rajinikanth’s star appeal vies with gravity. Then, the superstar is the subject of a cottage industry of fondly concocted tall tales with the same denouement—a truly titanic force humbly accepts Rajini’s omnipotence. Yet, for once, Rajinikanth’s famed super power has met its match. The unseen villain that goes by the name of COVID-19 has delayed his latest film and threatens to derail his carefully laid out political plans.

Just before coronavirus swept ashore, Rajinikanth (69) had unveiled his out- of-the-box political plan—he would lead the party, but not be its CM candidate, so that the government will not be a tool at the hands of his political outfit. The very proposal dampened the enthusiasm of his fans, who fear that without Rajini as the CM face, his party would not be a viable political alternative to the two DMKs. Further, his high-minded gambit would only be seen as a ploy to escape accountability. But the superstar stood his ground and exhorted his fans to create a political wave by selling it to the...

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