31 July, 2021

‘Covid-Suitable Behaviour Is Best Social Vaccine’

In view of the Covid pandemic’s dynamic and evolving nature, no fixed number or target or a time frame can be assigned for the vaccination drive, says Union health minister Dr Harsh Vardhan

‘Covid-Suitable Behaviour Is Best Social Vaccine’

Union health minister Dr Harsh Vardhan tells Outlook that the surge in Covid cases is mostly concentrated in some districts and that systems are in place to contain it. Excerpts from the interview:

Covid cases are rising steeply again after a long lull. How worrisome is this and how will you stop the surge?

The cases had started to decrease since September 2020. The recent rise is indeed worrisome, but our systems are sensitive enough to detect such changes on time, which enables us to take timely steps. As this trend of resurgence has been witnessed in many countries, the government was aware of the possibility and I have also cautioned against such resurgence in cases during many past media interactions. We can stop the rise in cases right away in coordination with the state governments and every citizen. Only a handful of districts are contributing to much of this rise in cases. Around 70 per cent of the new cases are reported in only 46 districts. If we take up requisite public health...

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