29 July, 2021

Covid Rebranded Our Lifestyle

Our lifestyles changed during this lifetime. Safety was important, as was comfort, rather than fashion and entertainment.

Covid Rebranded Our Lifestyle

Covid-19 is a learning experience. It shattered our comfort zones, and enabled us to reorganise and reorient ourselves. The story of brands is no different. The challenges, consumer ­behaviour and changed priorities allowed them to ­introspect about their priorities. The pandemic showed them a future, and made them realise that it was time to rethink. It is about what people see, and what ­society and people need, rather than looking from a brand’s prism. Brands will need to shift to the new emerging trends and focus on these aspects. The pandemic had a strong impact on brands—mostly negative. Only a few categories such as healthcare did well. Consumers became comfortable with digital marketplaces and digital media. Many brands embraced it. However, they have to ­become digital in a deeper sense and a more real way. Many changes took place due to lockdowns—the way consumers buy and live their lives, the fact that they work from home and have minimal social interaction.


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