29 July, 2021

Plasma Therapy -- Is It The Difference Between Life And Death?

Experts say it’s too early to dub plasma therapy as a ‘silver bullet’ as it’s yet to be put through the litmus test of controlled trials to prove its efficacy

Plasma Therapy -- Is It The Difference Between Life And Death?

Leave, for a moment, those telescopic shots—those world maps filled with red dots, the Covid Tracker popups spinning and dancing on your screen. Come to a close-up. A place where death is intimate, proximate…and the walls are white with fear. Where the littlest medical decision can mark a before-and-after in your life…can change whether the one who gave birth to you lives or not. Krishna, the daughter of 67-year-old Tushar Mehta*, was there a handful of weeks ago. Imagine the scene. Mehta is losing his battle to the deadly pandemic in a private hospital in Delhi. His daughter is making frantic calls to her acquaintances to make arrangements to shift him to a government hospital. Krishna is holding on to a hope, an idea. The government hospital offers one last avenue to life: it’s authorised to conduct Convalescent Plasma Therapy. Infusing ant­ibodies harvested from a survivor’s blood…that could give her father a fighting chance.

In the bargain between life and death, Convalescent Plasma Therapy has emerged as a new buzzword in the...

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