25 October, 2020

Are You Immune? Why Immunity Is The Central Plot In Your Inner Covid Drama...

The coronavirus has shown an extremely varying potential to infect and a puzzling unpredictability about who recovers and who does not

Are You Immune? Why Immunity Is The Central Plot In Your Inner Covid Drama...

Short stories can afford to come with a twist in the end. But epics are fated to contain twists at every turn, at every level of the labyrinth of nested stories. COVID-19 is proving to be one such gigantic and perplexing hall of mirrors: the logic unfolding in a sub-plot at Level 5 can alter the main narrative frame…and then twist again. Immunity is a word that’s been lurking around like a minor character with a walk-on part in the story from the beginning. There was at first that partly naïve optimism in the idea that Indians, on account of exposure to a rich bouquet of pathogens, have a kind of all-purpose ‘native immunity’—a Teflon coating against Covid. As the new coronavirus plugged into India as a collective host, that was soon quietly replaced with a more modest, and perhaps illusorily durable, hyp­othesis. That if the virus strains were the same as were lacerating Italy, the UK and US, Indians looked at least more immune than the West. Could it have something to do with blood groups and variable vulnerability thereof? Was it the...



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