30 July, 2021

Can Kanhaiya Kumar Revive Left Parties? No One Person Has A Magic Wand

Kanhaiya Kumar cannot revive the Left. It's not up to any one person. It's a movement led by the people, says CPI general secretary D. Raja

Can Kanhaiya Kumar Revive Left Parties? No One Person Has A Magic Wand

The Communist Party of India is trying to unite all secular and democratic forces, civil society and people’s movements in the upcoming Bihar assembly elections. Kanhaiya Kumar’s role should be seen in this context—we hope that he will play an important role in state politics.

Kanhaiya has emerged as an admired young leader of the country. He has ideological and political understanding combined with excellent oratory skills, which make him acceptable to the masses. Kanhaiya spearheaded the student movement against BJP’s fascism, which put him in the spotlight at the national level. In independent India, slapping sedition cases against student activists is unheard of; it has stirred the entire country’s emotions.

Regarding the question whether Kanhaiya can revive Left parties, it is not up to an individual. It is the question of a movement—it is the people who make history and it is they who change history. No one person has a magic wand.

The decline of Left parties is a topic of debate in the country. I...

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