08 March, 2021

Billion-Dose Race

It won’t be before mid-2021 that a limited dose of Covid vaccine reaches various countries. Here are the top contenders among 36 vaccines in clinical trials.

A prototype of ApiJect Systems America’s “BFS” prefilled syringe that has a computer chip to transmit information about the drug, dose, location and time of administration. This could be one of the syringes for the COVID-19 vaccine when it is ready.
Billion-Dose Race

The global race for a COVID-19 vaccine is heating up—and there’s keen discussion on claims and disclosures. Even as clinical trials are on, there’s a hectic parallel effort on the manufacturing and access front. After all, as the World Health Organization’s chief scientist Soumya Swami­nathan put it recently, this is the first time that the world will need vaccines in billions of doses.

An actual licensed vaccine is still far off­—at least mid-2021 for a limited dose to arrive in countries, according to WHO. So what does the current ­scenario look like? As of mid-Sept­ember, there were 36 vaccine ­candidates in various stages of clinical trials (this includes Bharat Biotech’s indigenous vaccine called Covaxin) and 146 others in pre-clinical evaluation. Here’s a look at the candidates currently in Phase III trials.

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