02 August, 2021

Beating The Virus A Survival Guide

What can we do to save more lives than we are being able to?

Beating The Virus A Survival Guide

As Covid patients die for want of hospital beds and ­oxygen, are there any immediate solutions to overcome the crisis? How can we save people from dying due to lack of health facilities? The only way is to increase the number of hospital beds, deploy a large number of trained medical professionals and ensure an ­adequate supply of oxygen—and to do all of this almost overnight. It looks impossible, but healthcare workers on the ground say, “If there is a will, there is a way.” According to them, the deluge of ­patients is not so huge that our healthcare system cannot treat them by quickly putting in place a parallel health infrastructure to take the load away from existing hospitals.

“Even if we put our best foot forward, we cannot save everyone, but we can definitely save a lot of patients who are dying today due to lack of health facilities,” says a doctor at the Covid care centre in the Commonwealth Games Village, Delhi. Healthcare workers say the chaos is due to non-augmentation of available resources and an ­indecisive and...

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