29 July, 2021

Battling Diabetes Is Now Much Easier With An Array Of Powerful Tools

An array of powerful tools is now available to halt the march of diabetes

Battling Diabetes Is Now Much Easier With An Array Of Powerful Tools

The field of diabetes has undergone major transformation in this millennium. From being one of many ‘chronic’ disorders, diabetes has come to occupy centrestage in our thought process. This increasing recognition of ‘high blood sugar’ has happened for several reasons. First, the prevalence of diabetes in urban Indians has gone up from 2 per cent in the 1970s to almost 20 per cent in the metros at present. A staggering 77 million Indians—likely an underestimate—are living with diabetes. Second, the age at onset of Type II diabetes has declined over the years—people in the peak productive period of their lives are often afflicted with complications of diabetes. Third, there is growing recognition that people with well-controlled diabetes can reduce the risk of complications involving the kidney, eyes, heart, feet etc. Any public health strategy for non-communicable diseases cannot ignore diabetes.

Our understanding of diabetes too has seen considerable progress, due to ­incredible advances in research. Research from Pune has...

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