22 April, 2021

A To Z

Computer terminology has been part of our vocabulary for years but many of those words and acronyms can still trip us over. Here’s a glossary compiled by Ajay Sukumaran

A To Z


An Application Programming Interface allows applications to communicate with each other. The often-used analogy is that of a waiter at a restaurant, the intermediary between diner and kitchen. These interfaces allow apps to access data—like your phone giving a weather update sourced from a data provider via an API.


A digital ledger. Blockchains are the tech behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Briefly: A transaction is recorded. Many such records make up a block. Each block has a unique line of code, or hash, essentially containing a timestamp. Using these hash codes, many blocks are linked together in a specific order into a chain.

Cloud elasticity

The ability to automatically adapt computer processing, memory and storage resources to changing workloads.

Dark Web

All the websites whose IP addresses are hidden, using software tools. While anyone can visit these sites (because they are visible), it’s difficult to track them. Dark web is...

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