18 April, 2021

A Telegram From 009

Ten years is a long time to ponder upon the best and worst life has thrown at us and grow wiser for the next ten

Illustration by Manjul
A Telegram From 009

I was in the middle of a desert ten years ago. Not exactly stranded. Pampered by tax-free Gulf pay, together with occasional bonuses thrown in by a magnanimous monarch as his token of appreciation for the work we did in the TV channel I worked for, life was good with little or no room for complaint. If I rued anything, it was the predictability of a cushy existence minus any major challenges. My life was too good to be true, bordering on being somewhat surreal.

Back in India, I am a lot poorer. I make far less than what I used to in West Asia. Yet, my current life is a lot richer and far more meaningful. As I mull over the past ten years—insp­ired by a viral #10YearChallenge onli­­ne craze—I see in the exercise a rare opportunity for some soul-sea­rching. Occasional self-appraisals are good. They prod us to look inwards, analyse our strengths and weaknesses, take stock of our successes and follies, and help us stay rooted.

Agreed that the #10YearChallenge is only skin-deep, requiring participants, including celebrities, to...

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