30 July, 2021

A Quiet Nativity

Photograph by Farkhanda Ashfaq
A Quiet Nativity

Amidst a tedious churn of concern and caution comes a burst of joy. Sadia Anwar, 23, gave birth to a boy on April 19 in Delhi. The single mother named the boy Nawfal, after Waraqah ibn Nawfal, a companion of the Prophet. Anwar’s parents had gone to UP’s Sultanpur, where they hail from, for some urgent work, when the lockdown froze all travel. On the date due for delivery, Sadia and her brother were stopped on the way to the clinic by the police, who let her pass only after a phone call to the doctor cleared matters. With all garment shops shut, finding clothes for the baby is difficult; Sadia makes do with old clothes of other, older babies in the neighbourhood. Baby Nawfal awaits a grander welcome.


Of Grief And Joy, Love And Loss: How We Are Dealing...

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