06 May, 2021

A Promissory Draft

A glance at the NEP report, that promises radical changes

Future Gazing
School students during a lesson
Photograph by Tribhuvan Tiwari
A Promissory Draft
  • The New Education Policy draft had a ­controversial opening with the ‘three-­language formula’ proposal. It has now been revised by the government.
  • The draft has proposed a formulation of many new institutions apart from setting some tall goals. It hopes to double school enrolment to 50 per cent by 2025.


The New Education Policy draft arrived with a bang, its ‘three-language formula’ proposal immediately sparking off a nationwide debate on that old bugbear—the imposition of Hindi. Taking stock of the discontent, the government quic­kly revised the policy draft. Now that that’s settled, let’s move on to what ent­ails the draft. The 484-page tome beg­INS with a section titled ‘Drawing from India’s Heritage’ and a quote from the PM’s favourite, Swami Vivekananda. As a balancing act, the section ends with an Einstein quote; treading the fine line between politics and policy.

In all, in keeping with the...

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