06 May, 2021

A Pandemic And A Plague

Two spectres: a worrying second surge amidst a successful vaccination drive, and another virus against which Indian society seems to have no antibodies: the politics of religion.

A Pandemic And A Plague

Wading into the large and impatient crowd jostling to get past sec­urity at Delhi’s domestic airport terminal last week was akin to being briefly adrift on a sea of helplessness. It was early in the morning and we all were bleary-eyed. But none missed the red flag—of an impending disaster that we were inviting with our collective apathy and slackness.

And here it is upon us. A year after we went into nationwide lockdown to keep at bay the marauding COVID-19 pandemic, we find ourselves back at square one amid a second surge that now threatens to surpass the first one. Following a respite that proved temporary, we are witnessing a worrisome uptick in the pandemic, with positive cases rocketing past 60,000 every day. Even daily deaths are spiraling, crossing 250 as against below 100 for most of February.

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That we have lost the plot somewhere is not surprising, as the unruly sight at the Delhi airport suggested....

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