13 May, 2021

A Nimbus Received

Our Sufis, saints and gurus are Indian culture’s biggest achievement—not gods, whom people across the world created

Divine Calling
Evening prayer, Jama Masjid, Delhi, 1982
Photograph by Raghu Rai
A Nimbus Received

The biggest attainment of humans is that they either managed to create a god for themselves or discovered divinity in saintly people. If you look at Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammad or Guru Nanak, the fact is that if they were gods, they would not have died. They came in human form, but they were pure souls connected with divine energy.  This energy pulsed through them, so their touch was healing for a sick person.

So many miracles happened, but if you look at history, which of the gods have ever come down to take care of mankind? Nobody. Had Ram been here, he wouldn’t have let the temple be razed; had Allah been here, he wouldn’t have let jihadis commit ­suicide bombings. No god has ever come down, nor will, ­regardless of what you do.

Up Above

The Dalai Lama at the Kalachakra event, Ladakh, 1975.

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