14 May, 2021

A Liberator Versus A Turncoat

There are two eras in Bihar: one before Laloo and one after. He changed the state’s social structure.

Photograph by PTI
A Liberator Versus A Turncoat

There is palpable anger against Nitish Kumar. Even after 15 years in power, he still lacks confidence to seek votes on the basis of his work, preferring to talk instead about ‘jungle raj’ during Laloo Prasad’s 15-year reign. It is up to us (the Opposition) to generate confidence in people critical of Nitish to repose their trust in us. If they find no trustworthy alternative, they will go back to him. So, we have to look at the kind of candidates we are selecting and the kind of issues we are raising. Unemployment is a serious issue that is gaining momentum across the country, especially among the youth. They recently celebrated PM Narendra Modi’s birthday as ‘Unemployment Day’. Tejashwi Prasad Yadav has struck the right chord by raising this issue. There are basically two eras in Bihar: one before Laloo and one after. He changed Bihar’s social structure. Now every party has to talk about the ‘backwards’ and the ‘extremely backwards’. Even his opponents believe he liberated the und­erprivileged and gave voice...

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