15 May, 2021

53 Countries 2 Billion Voters

2019 is election year for about a third of the world’s population. Outlook presents an overview of polls around the globe.

53 Countries 2 Billion Voters

European Union (May 23-26)

The biggest multi-country election in the world is significant as the EU has lately seen rising ­nationalist sentiments in member countries. Pro-EU parties won a majority, though Eurosceptic groups did well in Hungary, Poland and Sweden.

Indonesia (April 17)

Around 193 million people, 17,000 islands and 800,000 polling stations—Indonesia’s single-day election was a huge logistical challenge and over 270 polling officers reportedly died due to fatigue. Incumbent president Joko Widodo won.

Australia (May 18)

Contrary to most opinion polls, the incumbent government of the Liberal-National coalition trounced the opposition Labour party. Scott Morrison, who was egged during his campaign, won another term as prime minister.


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