19 June, 2021

"India Has Lost Its Image"

Noted Kerala-born economist Dr K.N. Raj, who taught at the Delhi School of Economics for 18 years, was handpicked by Jawah-arlal Nehru to help chart the nation's development path. A product of the Madras Christian College and the London School of Eco

"India Has Lost Its Image"

The prime minister has hailed the nuclear tests as a national achievement.

The first blast at Pokhran had already established that India had nuclear capability. There was no need to prove the point again. The recent blasts are essentially a repetition of what was achieved in 1974 with perhaps some small improvements. The BJP is playing on public sentiment by raising the bogey of the traditional enemies, Pakistan and China.

You have also said the tests were cleverly timed.

The BJP government so far has a record of non-performance. It is either fighting within its ranks or surrendering to the blackmailing of its allies. The blasts were meant to take public attention away from all this and, in the process, make tall claims which the ordinary citizen is in no position to judge. The BJP wants to convey the impression that it has now turned India into a nuclear power. What is meant thereby, I do not understand. Repeated tests, so far as I can judge, have merely earned a bad name for India.

But the US and...

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