14 June, 2021

India At Puberty

Under the agreeable chaos of democracy lies a silence of contradictions

India At Puberty
  • The rule of law has become more resilient
  • Freedom of expression has been preserved in the media
  • Political power has become more deconcentrated
  • The plebeians now have a stake in the power structure


  • The middle class isn't interested in voting
  • Major decisions taken by a handful of experts
  • Secularism has become a word of the past
  • Promotion of democracy abroad no longer a concern


For decades since 1947, India's claim to be the world's largest democracy was flawed by failures pertaining to mass poverty and illiteracy. Today, though, these failures are not cited to contest that India is a democratic country, simply because of its achievements in other areas—which doesn't mean that India's democracy is doing just fine.


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