24 September, 2020

India 2099

The 'nation' a 100 years from now

India 2099
The first impression was magnificent. That’s what he would remember later. A friendly voice kept repeating in his ear, "Please open your eyes, Sir!" And when he was finally able to comply, his first thoughts were a wordless hymn of delight. The India of 2099! he thought. One hundred years had passed since the time he had stepped into a transit chamber that would keep him in suspended sleep. Now he saw a luxurious green plain spreading away towards a haze-free horizon. Mango trees in a nearby orchard filled his senses with their fragrance. White clouds were scudding against a blinding blue sky. Before him, in the distance, he saw India Gate, still standing proud and tall. Behind him, when he turned, he saw the Qutub Minar. He remembered being surprised to see both monuments within the same radius of sight but told himself not to fuss with explanations just yet.

The friendly voice that had woken him from his transit-sleep belonged to a machine, which looked like a well-endowed human female, wearing nothing at all. "Hello!" it said, when he was ready to tear his attention away...



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