05 August, 2021

In Which Annie Gives it Those Ones (English)

An Eng­lish patois film made in India showing ’70s Delhi college life

In Which Annie Gives it Those Ones (English)
  • Director: Pradip Krishen
  • Year: 1989
  • Cast: Arjun Raina, Roshan Seth, Arundhati Roy, Shahrukh Khan

It was 1989 and DD was TV, a time when everyone of a certain bent of mind in Middle India waited impatiently for the Friday nights continental feature. And in between the slush and the great, there was this gem of a shocker, an Eng­lish patois film made in India, showing ’70s Delhi college life right down to the grimy hostels, vapid afternoons and soft rock soundtrack. The cult film was a once-only thing and only word-of-mouth bites about its ‘awesomeness’ existed till of course screenplay writer, impish lead actress  and later force of nature Arundhati Roy des­c­e­nded on our imaginations som­etime in the ’90s. As interest in all things Ms Roy gained wind, the film too saw a resurgence, a YouTube print surfa­ced sometime in the 2000s and suffice to say after 25 years, it still speaks from the heart....

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