02 August, 2021

‘In US, No One’s Untouchable. Neither Was Rajat Gupta.’

The author of The Billionaire’s Apprentice on the subject of her book and more

Glen Davis
‘In US, No One’s Untouchable. Neither Was Rajat Gupta.’

There hasn’t been a more compelling cautionary tale for our times than Rajat Gupta’s abrupt downfall after his fairytale rise from the portals of IIT and Har­vard. It’s a question many have asked: why did he throw it all away by sharing privileged information with Sri Lankan Raj Rajaratnam, head of Galleon hedge fund? The entire saga has been captured brilliantly by business journalist Anita Raghavan in her book The Billionaire’s Apprentice. She took some questions from Sunit Arora. Excerpts:

In business circles in India, there has been an often bewildered reaction to Rajat Gupta’s conviction. Now that everything is done and dusted, what would you say to them?

I think Indians who attribute Rajat Gupta’s conviction to racism fundamentally misunderstand America and its justice system. Firstly, the threshold for conviction in a criminal case is “beyond a reasonable doubt”; it is not “beyond any doubt”. Secondly, in...

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