18 May, 2021

In The Dock...The Survivors

While Bollywood still remains mum, its west counterpart has put all their cards on the table. Meet the many Weinsteins of Hollywood.

In The Dock...The Survivors

In The Dock

Harvey Weinstein

The first domino that fell, kickstarting #MeToo. The mogul was accused of sexual harassment by the likes of Rose McGowan and Salma Hayek among 80 others. Weinstein was fired by his own firm and later arrested and bailed on May 25.

Morgan Freeman

Eight women have said Freeman was inappropriate or harassed them. In 2017, he made a remark at CNN’s Chloe Melas, then pregnant. She thus got a hunch, investigated and broke the story recently.

Bill Cosby

In April, the 80-year-old was found guilty of sexually assaulting a...

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